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Campuses will require High-Density Wi-Fi in stadiums, auditoriums, and larger classrooms where large numbers of users aggregate. A high-density design is comprised of a large number of APs to be installed, presenting the designer and installer with a challenge in placing and protecting APs. Oberon offers a number of solutions, including compact, non-metallic NEMA4 (waterproof) designs for installing APs beneath stadium and auditorium seats and numerous solutions for mounting APs and antennas on walls and pillars.

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    Increasingly, campuses are using Apple TV and other Internet Gateway products for enhanced multi-media capabilities in the classroom. These items should be secured along with projectors and A/V equipment. Oberon offers zone enclosures which are designed to secure Apple TV, projector, APs, and other A/V gear in the ceiling of the classroom where it is needed.
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