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Campuses will require High-Density Wi-Fi in stadiums, auditoriums, and larger classrooms where large numbers of users aggregate. A high-density design is comprised of a large number of APs to be installed, presenting the designer and installer with a challenge in placing and protecting APs. Oberon offers a number of solutions, including compact, non-metallic NEMA4 (waterproof) designs for installing APs beneath stadium and auditorium seats and numerous solutions for mounting APs and antennas on walls and pillars.

Featured Products - Education

  • 1020-00
    13.4 in. Skybar™ NEMA-4 Plastic WiFi Access Point Enclosure with Opaque Screw-on Cover

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  • 1047-CCOAP3800
    Locking Suspended Ceiling Tile WiFi Access Point Enclosure with 18.5 x 18.5 x 3 in. Back Box / Cisco 2800 & 3800 Series AP Door

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  • 3030
    12.5 in. Diameter Netpost™ Heavy Duty Fiberglass WiFi Access Point Bollard / Standard Style / Black / 57 in. Height

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  • Heritage Buildings

    Many campuses have older “heritage” buildings which require special consideration of an architectural and aesthetic nature. This can include museums, libraries, and administration buildings. Oberon offers a wide variety of products to help the AP “blend in” to the environment, including recess wall mount enclosures and paintable vanity covers.
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