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WiFi access points are everywhere. Integrating them into building environments is a challenge for integrators and contractors.

The default method for installing wireless access points (APs) is clipping them onto the ceiling grid or rail. Mounting the AP in the ceiling is ideal from a wireless coverage standpoint, but having the AP hanging off the grid is becoming less acceptable as it appears to be an “unfinished” installation. Many end users, building owners, architects, and, quite frankly, installers, are demanding a more professional, secure, and aesthetic wireless AP installation.


Featured Products - Architects

  • 1006-AP335
    Right-Angle WiFi Access Point Wall Bracket for Aruba AP335 or AP345

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  • 1019-RM
    14 in. Recessed Wall and Hard-Lid Ceiling Mounted Plastic WiFi Access Point Enclosure with Low Profile Snap-on Cover

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  • 3030
    12.5 in. Diameter Netpost™ Heavy Duty Fiberglass WiFi Access Point Bollard / Standard Style / Black / 57 in. Height

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When only an exact match will do, Oberon's paintable AP vanity covers can help - without voiding the wireless access point warranty.

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Indoor AP Vanity Cover- Black ABS

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