Sports & Entertainment

Oberon productsSports fans, concert attendees, and guests at special functions all want to be able to share their experience by posting videos, photos, tweets, and updates in real time.  However, outdoor and public venue access point deployments present a challenge beyond just aesthetics. Protection against impact damage and weather are vital, and security is important to stay on budget. With so many APs needed to provide reliable coverage in high density areas, constant replacements can be very costly.

Oberon has created a variety of solutions for Outdoor & Entertainment Venues to enhance the security and aesthetics of every AP installation. Because each venue is unique and presents different challenges, many of these solutions are customizable. Oberon’s “off-the-shelf” products create a base design, which can then be modified as needed to suit a particular environment or access point.

Solutions for Every Venue

Providing high-density, high-capacity Wi-Fi coverage in stadiums and auditoriums will challenge the most experienced wireless designer. Oberon offers unique solutions to secure, protect, and conceal wireless access points, antennas, and associated cabling in challenging venues and all their varied wireless environments.

Mounting Solutions Finder

  • Oberon Model 1020-00


    13.4 in. Skybar™ NEMA-4 Plastic Wi-Fi Access Point Enclosure with Opaque Screw-on Cover

    Spec Sheet 

  • Oberon Model 3010


    Stadium Underseat Enclosure for APs

    Spec Sheet 

  • Oberon Model 3030


    12.5 in. Diameter Netpost™ Heavy Duty Fiberglass Wi-Fi Access Point Bollard / Standard Style / Black / 57 in. Height

    Spec Sheet