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Oberon Logo5 Model 1021-00-ANTPLATE
21 in. Skybar™ NEMA-4 Plastic WiFi Access Point Enclosure with Opaque Screw-on Cover & Directional Antenna Mounting Accessory
Category: Indoor/Outdoor NEMA
Shown with Cisco AP (not included)

This NEMA 4 enclosure is designed specifically to protect and conceal APs, antennas, and cabling in environments where aesthetics is paramount, and typical "industrial" NEMA 4 enclosures are not acceptable due to their appearance. The model 1021 is white with a unique "Skybar™" shaped lid with recessed screws and internal mounting features for most vendor's APs and antennas. This rugged polycarbonate enclosure protects the AP from weather, pressure spray, spilling liquids, dust, and impacts, and is transparent to wireless signals, so larger APs with external antennas can be protected. The 1021 is paintable. Available with internal directional antenna mounting plate (-ANTPLATE) and/or pole mounting bracket (PMB).

Cisco Developer Aruba Networks Certified
Line Drawing Shown with Cisco 1562 (not included) Shown with Cisco IW3700 (not included) Shown with Cisco 1562 (not included)
Features & Benefits
  • Aesthetic "Skybar™" shaped enclosure for installing, protecting and concealing APs, antennas, and cabling in environments where aesthetics is paramount
  • Virtually transparent to wireless signals
  • Plastic is easily drilled and machined for custom cable ingress and installation. Enclosure is paintable
  • Cover attaches with eight tamper resistant captured stainless steel screws, silicon sponge gasket material provides seal
  • Large enough for larger APs from most vendors, antennas, and associated cabling
Technical Specifications
  • Design: Rugged polycarbonate AP enclosure designed for surface mounting indoors or outdoors
  • Performance: Designed to NEMA 1, 2, 4, 4X, 12, and 13, and IEC529-IP66 specifications for indoor/outdoor wet, dirty, or corrosive environments. UV-stabilized for exposure to direct sunlight. Transparent to wireless signals. Paintable
  • Oberon Skybar™-shaped screw on cover with gasket; cover screws must be torqued to 8 in-lbs.; cover screws are recessed into cover
  • Internal universal T-bar bracket and universal mounting panel
  • Construction: body and cover are white UL94-V0 Polycarbonate
    • -00: Body and cover are white UL94-V0 polycarbonate
    • -ANTPLATE: zinc plated steel interior AP and directional antenna mounting plate and bracket
    • -PMB: Oberon 39-POLE-MOUNT-BRACKET Adjustable worm gear stainless steel clamps for square and round pole mounting
  • AP max. operating temperature should be de-rated by 5° C inside the enclosure
  • Temperature rating: -40 to 120° C
  • Exterior Size: 21.0 x 13.5 x 5.5 in. (533 x 343 x 140 mm). Interior dimensions 19.4 x 12.0 x 5.25 in. (493 x 305 x 133 mm)
Measurements (Maximum values):
  • Width: 13.5 in. (343 mm)
  • Height: 21 in. (533 mm)
  • Depth: 5.5 in (140 mm)
  • Item Weight: 7 lbs. (2.7 kg)
  • Shipping Weight: 9 lbs. (3.7 kg)
  • (1) Unit per carton
  • (1) T-bar bracket
  • (1) Plastic Interior Mounting Panel
  • (4) Mounting Panel Screws
  • (4) Plastic Mounting Feet
  • (4) #6 x 1/4 in. pan head screws
  • (4) #6 x 1/4 in. flat head screws
  • (4) ¾ in. Neoprene Rubber Cushioning Washer
  • (8) M4 x 20 mm captured Phillips lid screw
  • (8) M4 x 20 mm tamper resistant captured Philips lid screw
  • Installation instructions

Configurations: Model 1021

Please specify configuration when ordering.

1021 - Lid Style
00: White
- Bracket Style
ANTPLATE: Interior directional
antenna mount
(otherwise leave blank)
- Mount Style
(otherwise leave blank)
SKU Description
1021-00 Polycarbonate NEMA 4 AP Enclosure: Screw-on cover
1021-00-ANTPLATE Polycarbonate NEMA 4 AP Enclosure with interior directional antenna mount
1021-00-PMB Polycarbonate NEMA 4 AP Enclosure with Oberon 39-POLE-MOUNT-BRACKET
1021-00-ANTPLATE-PMB Polycarbonate NEMA 4 AP Enclosure with
interior directional antenna mount and Oberon 39-POLE-MOUNT-BRACKET
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