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Oberon Logo5 Model 33-AHAP330-SKIN
Indoor AP Vanity Cover- Aerohive 330 AP
Category: AP Vanity Covers
Shown with Aerohive Networks AP330 Access Point (not included)

Oberon’s 33-AHAP330-SKIN allows you to customize the appearance of the popular Aerohive Networks AP330 wireless access points. The vanity cover is made from an RF transparent plastic, and can be attached directly to the Aerohive Networks AP330 wireless access point. The 33-AHAP330-SKIN is paintable so you can customize the color of the access point to partially conceal the access point or compliment interior color schemes. Coloring the vanity cover does not void the manufacturer’s warranty.

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Model 33-AHAP330-SKIN Isometric image

Features & Benefits
  • Secure, Convenient, Aesthetic
Technical Specifications
  • Vanity cover for Aerohive Networks AP330 series wireless access points
  • Fabricated from textured UL 94-5VA ABS plastic
  • The vanity cover is virtually transparent to access point wireless signals
  • Attaches to access point with mushroom head fasteners (included)
  • Standard color is black, with textured semi-gloss finish
  • Vanity covers are paintable using an enamel spray paint such as Krylon (do not use oil based paint or metallic paint). Surface does not need to be treated

Vanity Cover Selection Guide:

Vanity Cover Model
Color Access Point or Antenna
33-AHAP330-COVER Black Aerohive 330 AP
33-ANT-COVER White Most vendors' directional antennas
33-AP3800-COVER Black Cisco 1830, 1850, 2800, 3800 Series APs
33-HLA-COVER Black Cisco AP with Hyperlocation antenna
33-IW3700 Grey Cisco IW3700 Outdoor AP
33-MR-COVER Black Cisco Meraki MR 32, 34, 42 APs
33-AP-COVER Black Cisco 2600, 2700, 3500, 3600, 3700 Series APs

  • Ordering Information: P/N AHAP330-SKIN
  • Four (4) mushroom head fastener
  • Shipping weight: 5.5 oz. per unit
Documentation Links
Oberon symbol Spec Sheet - oberoninc.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=1310&Itemid=399
Installation Instructions - oberoninc.com/images/WebDocs/AHAP330_Installation_Instructions.pdf

Customer Prints
- oberoninc.com/images/WebDocs/AHAP330_Customer_Print.pdf
http://oberoninc.com/images/WebDocs/SECTION 27_21_33 DATA COMMUNICATIONS WIRELESS ACCESS POINTS.pdf
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Dimensional Images
Model 33-AHAP330-SKIN Dimensional image