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Oberon Logo5 Model 3010
Stadium Underseat Enclosure for APs
Category: Indoor/Outdoor NEMA
Stadium Underseat Enclosure for APs

The Model 3010 protects APs mounted beneath seats in high density WiFi deployments in public venues. The 3010 is large enough for most enterprise APs, yet is compact enough to fit under the seat without impeding foot space. This unit is comprised of an aluminum back plane and durable thermoformed plastic cover with a gasket for outdoor installation. The plastic can be easily drilled for cable egress. The thermoform plastic is virtually transparent to wireless signals.

Cisco Developer Aruba Networks Certified
Open view Under Awning Under Seat Model 3010 Isometric image

Features & Benefits
  • Rugged under-seat enclosure for installing APs in stadium venues and other challenging environments
  • Designed for use in indoor/outdoor wet, or dirty environments; UV capped for exposure to direct sunlight
  • Virtually transparent to wireless signals
  • Plastic is easily drilled and machined for custom cable ingress and installation
  • Cover attaches with 14 stainless steel cap nuts; weather and abrasion resistant EPDM foam strip provides seal
Technical Specifications
  • Design: Enclosure designed to protect wireless access point and antenna when mounted under seats in auditorium or stadium. Fastens to riser. Screw-on Acrylic/PVC alloy plastic cover.
  • Performance: Designed to protect equipment from spilling liquids, weather and washing for indoor/outdoor applications. Transparent to wireless signals. Paintable. De-rate AP operating temperature range by 9°C when mounted in enclosure.
  • Includes articulating universal access point mounting bracket
  • EPDM foam gasket
  • Construction: Cover is light grey, thermoformed UL94-V0 Acrylic/PVC alloy plastic; UV capped for exposure to direct sunlight; back plane is 10 ga. aluminum
  • Size: 9.16 inches by 16.60 inches by 11.25 inches (232 mm by 422 mm by 286 mm)
Measurements (Maximum values):
  • Height: 9.16 in.
  • Width: 16.6 in.
  • Depth: 11.25 in.
  • Item Weight: 6 lbs.
  • Shipping Weight: 8 lbs.
  • (1) Acrylic/PVC alloy cover
  • (1) Aluminum back plane
  • (1) Adjustable T-Bar bracket
  • (2) #8 Pan head machine screw
  • (4) #8 Machine nut
  • (14) #8 Machine cap nut
  • (14) #8 Lock washer
  • (1) Installation instructions
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Documentation Links
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Customer Prints
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http://oberoninc.com/images/WebDocs/SECTION 27_21_33 DATA COMMUNICATIONS WIRELESS ACCESS POINTS.pdf
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Dimensional Images
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