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1) Cut an opening in your ceiling tile per the installation instructions.

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2) Place tile bridge on back (top, when installed) of ceiling tile; this will span the grid when installed. The tile bridge helps to keep your tile from sagging under weight of AP.

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3) Attach AP to bracket. AP slides onto bracket with no additional hardware.

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4) Attach trim to bracket with finger-tightened thumb nuts. Trims are available for most leading vendors' APs.

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5) Trim, bracket and AP assembly attach to the tile bridge with fastening hardware. Tighten the hardware so that AP trim compresses ceiling tile onto tile bridge.

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6) Place ceiling tile with AP and trim into ceiling grid. When installed, AP is recessed into ceiling tile providing for an aesthetic professional installation. 


Cloud or Canopy Ceiling AP Installation Kit-Cisco

1040-CCOAP3800: Oberon_Model_1040-CCOAP3800_in_ceiling.jpg

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Installation Instructions
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Orientation: Ceiling

Model 1040-CCOAP3800 is an economical, easy-to-install cloud, canopy, or suspended ceiling mounting kit for APs from most vendors. A cutout is made in the ceiling panel, the panel bridge is placed above the ceiling panel, and the AP is attached to the white trim. The AP/trim assembly then is drawn into the panel bridge with a torsion spring, much like certain recessed lighting fixtures. The AP is recessed into the ceiling, with only the front face exposed for optimal wireless coverage. The installation is fast, easy, professional and aesthetic. The AP trim can be easily swapped out for alternate AP brands without tools.

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