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Oberon offers multiple solutions for mounting access points in hard ceiling areas, including recessed wall mounts for old and new construction, surface mount boxes, and surface mount enclosures. All of these products are intended to simplify the installation process and provide for an aesthetic installation.

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1) Cut an opening in the ceiling per the installation instructions.

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2) Fasten the back-box into the ceiling. The back-box installs like a recessed lighting fixture. Install firestop grommet for cable. Biscuit jack and patch cord can be installed in back-box as well.

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3) Attach trim to AP bracket with finger-tightened thumb nuts. Trims are available for most leading vendors' APs.

Oberon Model 1042-CCOAP3800 slice

4) Fasten AP/trim assembly to the installed back-box. When installed, AP is recessed into ceiling tile providing for an aesthetic professional installation.  

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Model 1042 Recessed AP Installation Kit for Hard Ceiling Areas.

Model 1042 is for old construction or remodeling environments. The Model 1043 includes installation hardware for new construction environments. Both have a solid, firestopped, back-box for ceilings with a fire rating. Trim pieces are available for leading enterprise AP vendors. AP-specific trim is included with the product. For different vendors' access points, specify the trim required. Note: The trim is interchangeable after installation.


11 in. Recessed Wall and Hard-Lid Ceiling Existing Construction Installation Kit for WiFi Access Points / Cisco 2800 & 3800 Series AP Trim / Spring Attached

1042-CCOAP3800: Model1042-CCOAP3800-S2.jpg

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Orientation: Ceiling

The Model 1042 series offers the simplest way to mount APs and antennas into existing hard (drywall/sheetrock) ceilings and walls for an aesthetic, professional installation. A cutout is made in the ceiling and the all metal back-box is fastened into the ceiling. The AP or antenna fastens to the appropriate trim, and the trim attaches to the to the back-box with torsion springs. The AP is recessed into the ceiling much like a recessed light fixture. AP trim is easily swapped for new trim when AP brand or model changes. (Model 1042-FL recesses AP entirely behind a low-profile ABS plastic cover). See configuration guide in specs for AP-specific trims.

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