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NEMA-Rated Access Point Enclosures Make High-Demand Outdoor Wireless Access Point Installations Simple and Secure.


The demand for outdoor wireless access is expanding at a tremendous pace as users of smartphones and tablets seek to stay connected at all times and in all environments, including stadiums, college campuses, and other outdoor locations. In implementing the robust and seamless wireless coverage necessary to keep up with every-increasing demand, physical security and protection of wireless equipment in challenging environments becomes a priority. Adding to the challenge for network designers is the necessity to secure access points without sacrificing performance and wireless signal strength.
Oberon's new Model 1026-00 manages both the security and performance aspects of outdoor network deployments. Combining rugged strength with a sophisticated aesthetic, the enclosures provide the strength network designers want with materials that are virtually invisible to wireless signals for optimal performance of network equipment.
Oberon's new Model 1026-00 is a compact NEMA-4 enclosures designed specifically to protect Cisco 1140, 1260, 3500, 3502p, and 3600 series and other wireless LAN access points in challenging outdoor environments such as retail centers, college campuses, and stadiums. The rugged polycarbonate enclosure protects the access point from weather, dust, and impacts. With proper sealing, these enclosures are NEMA-4X rated. The plastic is UV stabilized for outdoor installations.
The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) rates enclosures according to the ability to protect against such hazards as falling objects, water, ingress of water, and the formation of ice on the enclosure. Oberon’s NEMA enclosures are designed and tested to meet NEMA 1, 2, 4, 4X, 12, and 13 specifications, IP66 of IEC 529, and UL508-4X requirements.
Performance meets physical protection in Models 1026-00. Access points with body integrated antennas or small detachable antennas may be protected while mounted in recommended configurations. Antennas may be mounted externally by drilling holes in the plastic for antenna cables. The lid is fully hinged, latchable, and padlock-ready, with both clear and opaque options for the enclosure cover.
Oberon’s NEMA enclosures are a perfect match for the Cisco Aironet 3502p access point and MIMO Patch Array stadium antenna, which can be mounted on the enclosure for a compact installation. The result is a no-compromises solution that is Ideal for Wireless Networks.

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