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Model 1065-CCOAP provides physical security to wireless access points, helping installations meet industry guidelines.

Oberon is pleased to announce its new Model 1065-CCOAP, a new secure, convenient, and aesthetic mounting solution for Cisco's most popular wireless access points:

Cisco series 1040 | 1140 | 1260 | 1600 | 2600 | 2700 | 3500 | 3600 | 3700

The 1065-CCOAP design is based on the very popular Model 1064-00 mounting solution for suspended ceilings. Like the 1064-00, the 1065-CCOAP exposes the front of the wireless access point for optimum wireless coverage, while securing it with a patented locking mechanism. Designed for hard lid wall and ceiling installations, this aesthetic, white powder-coated 18" x 18" steel bezel mount permits access point moves, adds, and changes without removing the mount from the ceiling.

As the demand for wireless solutions for consumer devices grows, driven not only by pure data demands but also the increasing number of devices people use daily, securing the equipment needed to create a robust wireless network becomes increasingly important. Verticals such as retail, healthcare, and government have specified requirements for physical security and means of access. Oberon enclosures meet these needs with aesthetic enclosures and mounts available for suspended ceilings, hard-lid ceilings, walls, and challenging outdoor environments. For more information, please visit http://oberonwireless.com.

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