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11.7 in. Skybar™ NEMA-4 Plastic WiFi Access Point Enclosure with Opaque Screw-on Cover

1022-00: Oberon_Model_1022-00.jpg

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Orientation: Wall, Ceiling

Oberon’s Skybar™ 1022 series NEMA 4 AP enclosure is designed specifically to protect APs in challenging environments such as stadiums, auditoriums, gymnasiums, industry and outdoors. This rugged polycarbonate enclosure protects the AP from weather, pressure spray, spilling liquids, dust, and impacts, and is transparent to wireless signals so APs with body integrated antennas or small detachable antennas may be protected. The enclosure is paintable. This NEMA 4 enclosure is ideal for under-seat installation in public venues.

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