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Locking Suspended Ceiling Tile WiFi Access Point Enclosure with 12.5 x 12.5 x 3 in. Back Box / Extreme 3935 Series AP Door / Tegular Flange Style

1046-EXT3935-T: Oberon_Model_1046-EXT3935-T.jpg

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Orientation: Ceiling

Economical, locking 2 x 2 ft. suspended ceiling tile enclosure mounts and secures APs flush to the ceiling. The 1046 series enclosures have a durable white textured powder coat to aesthetically match most ceiling tiles. The interchangeable door simplifies AP and antenna moves, adds, and changes without lifting ceiling tiles. Styles available for both standard flush grid and recessed grid ceilings, and for both North American and European (metric) ceiling systems.

Oberon tegular ceiling configurations

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