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1019 Series


14 in. Recessed Wall and Hard-Lid Ceiling Mounted Plastic WiFi Access Point Enclosure with Low Profile Snap-on Cover

1019-RM: Model1019_ceiling_cutaway.jpg

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Orientation: Wall, Ceiling

Oberon’s Model 1019 provides the simplest way to recess APs into a dry-wall ceiling or wall for an aesthetic, professional installation. The 1019 is an all plastic recess box with mounting features for most vendors APs. The recess box installs into an opening in the ceiling or wall in minutes. The AP, surface mount box, patch cord, and associated cabling are organized inside the recess box, and the low profile cover snaps into place. The paintable white cover largely blends into most ceilings or walls, and is comprised of a thin PC/ABS composite plastic which is virtually transparent to the wireless signal. The 1019 is the ideal solution in venues where the AP needs to "visually disappear", yet must provide the best wireless coverage and performance.

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