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11 in. Recessed Wall and Hard-Lid Ceiling New Construction Installation Kit for WiFi Access Points / External Antenna Mounting Plate / Spring Attached

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Orientation: Ceiling

The Model 1043 series offers the simplest way to mount APs and antennas into new hard (drywall/sheetrock) ceilings and walls for an aesthetic, professional installation. The back-box is fastened to the ceiling joists, and the new ceiling is cut around the box. The AP or antenna fastens to the appropriate trim, and the trim attaches to the back-box with torsion springs. The AP is recessed into the ceiling much like a recessed light fixture. AP/antenna trim is easily swapped when AP/antenna brand or model changes. (Model 1043-FL recesses AP entirely behind a low-profile ABS plastic cover). See configuration guide in specs for AP-specific trims.

Product Guide: Recessed Hard Lid & Wall Enclosures and Mounts for APs

Oberon Product Guide--Recessed-Hard-Lid-and-Wall

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