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Wall & Hard Ceiling - Recess Mount

Wireless Access Point Enclosures and Mounts

These enclosures are designed to permit convenient and secure mounting of the access point on walls or in rooms with a hard "lid" or ceiling. The enclosures include a universal mounting plate for access points from many vendors, "keyed alike" locks, and knockouts for antennas, which can either protrude through the enclosure or can be installed as bulkhead kits. Most of Oberon's ceiling mounts and enclosures are UL Listed and carry an OPA number.

1019 Series   1041 Series
Non-Metallic Recessed Enclosure  
Recessed Ceiling AP Install Kit
Oberon Model 1019-RM   Oberon Model 1041-WA
1042 Series    1043 Series
Recessed Ceiling AP Install Kit
Old Construction
Recessed Ceiling AP Install Kit
New Construction
Oberon Model 1043-CCOAP Bezel   Oberon Model 1043-CCOAP with bezel
1051 Series 1076 Series  
Recessed Ceiling/Wall AP Mount  
Recessed AP Mount
3 in. Deep
Model1051-00   Model 1076-CCOAP
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Product Guide: Recessed Hard Lid & Wall Enclosures and Mounts for APs

Oberon Product Guide--Recessed-Hard-Lid-and-Wall

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Wireless Access Point Mounting Solutions & Enclosures

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