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Right-Angle AP Joist or Wall Bracket with Black Vanity Cover for Meraki MR32,34, 42, and other APs

1008-MR-COVER: Oberon_Model_1008-00_with_MR32.jpg

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Orientation: Wall

Mount APs in open ceilings with this convenient joist or wall mounting solution. Quickly install AP in preferred horizontal orientation. Includes two beam clamps and a paintable, plastic vanity cover which is virtually transparent to wireless signal. Ideal for restaurants and retail environments with open ceilings. Conduit, raceways, and cable can be terminated in the bracket to for a clean appearance. The AP can be locked in place using the AP manufacturer's locking features.


Product Guide: Right-Angle Brackets and Mounts for APs

Oberon Product Guide--Right-Angle Brackets

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