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Suspended Ceiling - Zone

Wireless Access Point Enclosures

The suspended ceiling tile enclosures are designed to replace standard 2 x 2 ft. ceiling tiles in an acoustical, drop ceiling environment. The ceiling enclosure is a convenient and secure method of mounting a switch or other rack mountable networking components. These enclosures are ideal for Fiber to the Enclosure (FTTE) structured cabling design. The switch can be accessed without disturbing the air handling space. The switch location remains readily identifiable, and service and maintenance is facilitated. The ceiling enclosures are designed to satisfy National Electric Code paragraphs 300-22 and 300-23 for installations in the air handling space (sometimes called the "plenum" space). Most of Oberon's ceiling enclosures are UL50 Listed and carry an OPA number.

1028 Series   1074 Series

Plenum-Rated NEMA 4 AP Enclosure
Ceiling Mount

  Suspended Ceiling Zone Enclosures
Ceiling Mount
Model1028-ANT5-B Ceiling Closed DM Dual   Model1074-04-open
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Product Guide: Zone, A/V, and Wireless Ceiling Enclosures

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