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Blank "F" Trim Plate rendering

37-104x-BLANK-F: 37-104X-BLANK-F Render.jpg

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<p>The Model 37-104x-BLANK-F Trim can be used to maintain an area's aesthetics when installation of enclosures and installation of APs occur at different times. It can also be used to preserve the aesthetics of the area when the AP has been temporarily removed for maintenance.</p>

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Model 1015 Metal Back Plate

39-1015-PLATE: 39-1015-PLATE.jpg

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This ceiling plate fastens to Oberon's Model 1015 unit, inside or out, and allows the installer to hang the enclosure with Y-Toggles or a rigid conduit flange.

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PoE Interlock Switch - Disables AP on door open

39-1790-INTERLOCK: Model1790-pcb.jpg

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Power over Ethernet Interlock Switch (PoE ILS): The 33-1790 PoE ILS is an optional security component for Oberon enclosures. Any unauthorized enclosure opening can be sensed and logged by the wireless system using the PoE ILS. When installed in-line with a PoE Ethernet connection to a WiFi Access Point, the PoE ILS will disrupt the incoming power to the AP when the enclosure door or lock is opened. Enterprise class access points will log this event, as will wireless controllers.

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Bracket Accessory for Cisco Hyperlocation Antenna

39-HLA-PLATE: Oberon_Model_39-HLA-PLATE_view1.jpg

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This accessory is designed to permit the Cisco access point and Hyperlocation Antenna to be mounted on Oberon’s 1008, 1009, 1010, and 1011 right angle brackets. These right angle brackets mount and secure the AP and antenna in the preferred horizontal orientation. The 39-HLA-PLATE attaches directly to the Oberon right angle bracket and permits the larger Cisco AP and antenna to be mounted in any direction, as required for proper angle of arrival performance.

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Model 1020, Model 1024: Pole Mount Kit

39-POLE-MOUNT-BRACKET: polemastkit2.jpg

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Outdoor pole mounting bracket for Oberon Models 1024-00 and 1026-00 indoor/outdoor NEMA enclosures. The bracket can be used on a pole mast up to 4 inches.


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