Residence halls create a challenge to the wireless designer and installer, as they are typically block/brick wall and concrete construction. The wireless signal is greatly attenuated by this construction material, requiring careful placement of large numbers of APs to provide the necessary wireless coverage. The APs should also be protected from the rigors of residence hall activity. Oberon offers a number of solutions for this challenging environment, including non-metallic surface mount lock boxes and right angle wall brackets.

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Full-Campus AP Mounting Solutions

  • Heritage Buildings

    Many campuses have older “heritage” buildings which require special consideration of an architectural and aesthetic nature. This can include museums, libraries, and administration buildings. Oberon offers a wide variety of products to help the AP “blend into" the environment, including recess wall mount enclosures and paintable vanity covers.

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  • Oberon Model 1011-00-WH


    Right-Angle Wi-Fi Access Point Wall Mount for Most AP Models / White

    Spec Sheet 

  • Oberon Model 1013-COVER


    Dual-Axis Articulating Wi-Fi Access Point & Antenna Wall Mount with White Vanity Cover

    Spec Sheet 

  • Oberon Model 1040-AP335


    Recessed Panel Ceiling Installation Kit for Wi-Fi Access Points / Aruba AP335 or AP345 Trim / Spring Attached

    Spec Sheet