For Architects

Wi-Fi access points are everywhere. Integrating them into building environments is a challenge for network designers and installers.

The default method for installing wireless access points (APs) is clipping them onto the ceiling grid or rail. Mounting the AP in the ceiling is ideal from a wireless coverage standpoint, but having the AP hanging off the grid is becoming less acceptable as it appears to be an unsightly or “unfinished” installation. Many end users, building owners, architects, and, quite frankly, installers, are demanding a more professional, secure, and aesthetic wireless AP installation.

Use Oberon’s Mounting Solution Finder to identify the right product for integrating wireless technology into almost any building ceiling environment - without compromising performance.

View Oberon’s Division 27 Communications specifications here:


Mounting Solutions Finder

Protecting Building Design Integrity

Wi-Fi access points, by their very nature, are designed to be “visible” to provide the best wireless coverage. However, in many buildings, these visible APs do not match the desired aesthetic. Specifying Oberon’s  access point mounting solutions can help you integrate technology into the building while remaining true to the building’s original design.


  • Oberon Model 1006-AP335


    Right-Angle Wi-Fi Access Point Wall Bracket for Aruba AP335 or AP345

    Spec Sheet 

  • Oberon Model 1019-RM


    14 in. Recessed Wall and Hard-Lid Ceiling Mounted Plastic Wi-Fi Access Point Enclosure with Low Profile Snap-on Cover

    Spec Sheet 

  • Oberon Model 3030


    12.5 in. Diameter Netpoint™ Heavy Duty Fiberglass Wi-Fi Access Point Bollard / Standard Style / Black / 57 in. Height

    Spec Sheet