Municipal Wi-Fi


City-wide Wi-Fi coverage presents challenges from physical security to protection from the elements. Oberon enclosures & mounts protect critical network hardware in a wide variety of installation settings. Whether mounting APs and other network components on poles, walls, or in open spaces, Oberon will work with you and provide the right mounting solution for your needs.

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Bring Wi-Fi Where It Is Needed

The data on your network needs to be protected. Preventing physical tampering with access points is an important component of network security. Oberon access point mounting solutions and enclosures ensure that only authorized technicians can handle access points.


Featured Products

  • Oberon Model 1020-00-RAB


    13.4 in. Skybar™ NEMA-4 Plastic Wi-Fi Access Point Enclosure with Opaque Screw-on Cover & Right-Angle Mounting Bracket Accessory

    Spec Sheet 

  • Oberon Model 3030


    12.5 in. Diameter Netpoint™ Heavy Duty Fiberglass Wi-Fi Access Point Bollard / Standard Style / Black / 57 in. Height

    Spec Sheet 

  • Oberon Model 1021-00


    21 in. Skybar™ NEMA 4 Plastic Wi-Fi Access Point Enclosure with Opaque Screw-on Cover

    Spec Sheet