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Universal Wi-Fi Access Point and Antenna mounting platform for industrial, manufacturing, and warehouse environments

Industrial Sized Solutions

Mounting Wi-Fi Access Points in industrial, manufacturing, and warehouse spaces can be challenging and expensive. Oberon’s new M-Frame is a modular wireless mounting platform designed specifically to reduce Access Point and antenna installation time and cost in these challenging environments. The M-Frames facilitate cost-effective installation of APs and directional and omnidirectional antennas from all leading vendors. Mounting options facilitate installation in most building constructions.

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Industrial spaces suffer from downtime spent on maintenance to wireless networks, Oberon is proud to provide reliable solutions with easy access for ongoing maintenance.



Universal Wi-Fi Access Point Mounts

Customer Story

New York City Infrastructure

New York City Infrastructure

GLV Systems, Inc.(gsystemsinc.com) is a leading provider of high-quality telecommunication services in New York City. With corporate offices in midtown Manhattan and fully-stocked warehouses in Queens, Long Island, and Manhattan, GLV Systems has provided network integration services to some of the largest hospitals and education systems in the tri-state area. For many years, GLV Systems has been using Oberon Wi-Fi access point ceiling enclosures for securing and protecting Wi-Fi installations. According to Joe Gavin, GLV Systems principal, Oberon ceiling enclosures facilitate access point installations throughout area hospitals. “Oberon’s Ceiling enclosures lock and secure the access points, and simplify compliance with Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) procedures in hospitals. We have used the Oberon enclosures for a number of years, and these products add value to my company’s wireless integration practice”

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Oberon is proud to partner with and support the solutions-first approach of these key industry vendors.


Oberon is proud to partner with and support the solutions-first approach of these key industry vendors.