Ideal for Wireless Networks

Oberon, Inc. is committed to providing physical security for your network equipment using materials ideal for wireless networks. The ABS plastic doors manufactured by Oberon are RF-transparent, offering strong physical protection while remaining virtually invisible to wireless signals. Additionally, Oberon wireless AP enclosures allow for proper placement and alignment of access points, encouraging ideal radiation patterns for maximum performance. Please use the Enclosure Finder to the left to find all of your wireless enclosure products.

Protect Wireless Networks

Oberon products provide physical protection for wireless access points and other network equipment, helping to ensure the safety of critical components. Enclosures and mounts are keyed alike to provide security while offering convenient access to authorized technicians. Ceiling enclosures are mounted to the ceiling structure, not the gridwork, for maximum strength and performance. Materials used to protect equipment include steel, aluminum, and a strong ABS plastic which is transparent to RF signals.