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Oberon Logo5 Model 39-HLA-PLATE
Bracket Accessory for Cisco Hyperlocation Antenna and Cisco 4800 series
Category: Wi-Tile
Shown with AP (not included)

This accessory is designed to permit the Cisco 3800 series AP with Hyperlocation Antenna and Cisco 4800 series AP to be mounted on Oberon’s 1008 and 1011 right-angle brackets. These right-angle brackets mount and secure the AP and antenna in the preferred horizontal orientation. The 39-HLA-PLATE attaches directly to the Oberon right-angle bracket and permits the Cisco AP and antenna to be mounted in any direction, as required for proper angle of arrival performance.

Cisco Developer
Line drawing
Features & Benefits
  • Attaches to Oberon 1008 and 1011 right-angle brackets
  • Upgrade previously installed right-angle brackets for AP with hyperlocation antenna or 4800 series AP
  • Mount AP with Hyperlocation antenna or 4800 series AP in preferred horizontal orientation on the wall
  • Mount AP with Hyper location antenna or 4800 series AP in four directions
Technical Specifications
  • Construction: Galvanized steel


  • Mounting plate
  • Installation hardware
  • Installation Instructions

Documentation Links

Oberon symbol  View this Spec Sheet on oberoninc.com - oberoninc.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=2246&Itemid=399

Additional Information

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Configurations: Model 1008

Please specify configuration when ordering.

1008-00 - COLOR
BK (Black)
WH (White)
(See Configurations)
SKU Vanity Cover Designed for AP Model
1008-00-BK N/A Cisco, Aruba and other vendors' APs
1008-00-BK-AP-CVR 33-AP-CVR Cisco and Aruba APs (except Cisco 3800 series)
1008-00-BK-AP335-CVR 33-AP335-CVR Aruba AP335
1008-00-BK-AP3800-CVR 33-AP3800-CVR Cisco 1830, 1850, 2800, 3800 series APs
1008-00-BK-COAP4800-CVR 33-COAP4800-CVR Cisco 4800 AP
1008-00-BK-MRAP53-CVR 33-MRAP53-CVR Meraki MR32, MR34, MR42 & MR53 APs
1008-00-WH N/A Cisco, Aruba and other vendors' APs

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