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Oberon Logo5 Model 3001-00
Outdoor AP and Antenna Concealment Shroud
Category: Skybar
Model 3001-00

Oberon's Model 3001-00 is an outdoor concealment shroud for concealing Wi-Fi and small cell APs, antennas, remote radio heads, cabling and connectors. The Model 3001-00 includes a paintable, rugged ABS plastic hinged cover which is virtually transparent to wireless signals. The 3001-00 also includes a heavy duty panel for mounting APs, antennas, and brackets from most leading wireless vendors. Where outdoor network aesthetics is paramount, conceal and protect outdoor rated wireless equipment.

Cisco Developer Aruba Networks Certified ideal for wireless networks
Shown open Shown with Cisco 1562 Shown with Meraki MR84 Shown with Cisco 1560 omni antenna Shown with Cisco D4M-R antenna
Features & Benefits
  • Mount, conceal, and protect outdoor rated APs, antennas, and cables on exterior walls where unsightly cabling and equipment is not desirable
  • Facilitate outdoor Wi-Fi and Small Cell deployments
  • Hinged and removable cover to easily install and access equipment
Technical Specifications
  • Design: Rugged ABS plastic vanity cover, hinged to universal equipment mounting panel. Large enough for most vendors' APs and antennas
  • Performance: UV resistant vanity cover is virtually transparent to wireless signal
  • Constructions: Stainless Steel 16 ga. wall mounting brackets and hardware, ABS mounting panel, white ABS plastic cover with UV cap
  • Size: 14.25 x 22 x 11 in.
Measurements (Maximum values*):
  • Width: 14.25 in.
  • Height: 22 in.
  • Depth: 11 in.
  • Item Weight: 12 lbs.
  • Shipping Weight: 13 lbs.


  • (1) White ABS plastic cover with hinge
  • (1) Set of wall brackets
  • (1) ABS plastic mounting panel
  • (2) #10-32 x 5/16 in. Shoulder screw
  • (3) #1/4-20 x ¾ in. Flanged hex head bolt
  • (4) #10-32 x ¼ in. Screw
  • (4) #10-32 x ½ in. Screw
  • (4) ¾ OD x ¼ in. Long Spacer

Documentation Links

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