1007 Series Right-Angle Wi-Fi AP Wall Bracket

October 13, 2020

Oberon’s newest H-Plane™ right-angle wall mounts for Wi-Fi access points are secure, functional and aesthetic.

Many Wi-Fi and small cell access point (AP) manufacturers recommend APs be mounted in a horizontal orientation on the ceiling for optimal wireless coverage. Where APs are to be mounted on the wall, Oberon’s 1007 Series H-Plane™ right-angle mounts permit the AP to be installed in the preferred horizontal orientation.

Model 1007 - exploded view

Only the antenna face of the AP is exposed for the ideal combination of aesthetics and wireless coverage. The 1007 Series partially recesses the AP into the mount, concealing the cabling. A locking cover conceals cabling and connectivity for a nicely finished installation.

New Wi-Fi deployments require a higher density of access points which, by their very nature, need to be “exposed” to provide the best wireless coverage. They can’t be hidden in a cabinet or behind a wall. Oberon’s 1007 Series was created by an industrial design team to emulate architectural lighting. The patented contemporary design makes this unique mount suitable for any indoor environment.

The 1007 is made from a textured white plastic and powder-coated steel AP trim. Looking to migrate to new access points? Simply unlock the mount and swap out the trim. Interchangeable trims are available for leading vendors’ access points.

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