Advantage Oberon

August 23, 2019

Oberon is the recognized leader in mounting solutions for Wi-Fi access points. In 2003 we introduced the first Wi-Tile™ locking ceiling tile enclosure for access points. Since then, the product offering has expanded to include H-Plane™ right angle wall brackets, Envelop™ recess wall and ceiling mounts, Hi-bar™ surface mount lockboxes, Skybar™ outdoor NEMA boxes, Netpoint™ Wi-Fi bollards, and now, in 2019, the M-Frame™ family of industrial access point and antenna mounting solutions.

Corporate Involvement

Oberon is an active, participating, and contributing corporate member of BICSI, and other industry associations and forums.

Network Designers and Installers

We work with designers, contractors, and end-users to understand product requirements. We have introduced products which feature tool-less installation, reduced installation time, and other installer-centric features, making our products popular with network designers, installers, and end users.

Tchnology partners

We work with our technology partners Cisco-Meraki, HP-Aruba, Extreme/Aerohive, Commscope-Ruckus and other leaders in the wireless space to test and evaluate our products to provide the best wireless performance and to anticipate changes in technology.

Manufacturer Representatives

Oberon has a highly trained force of regional representatives across the U.S., Canada, and Central and South America, supporting local distributor branches. Representatives receive formal quarterly training as well as additional training opportunities, and they are in constant communication with members of the Oberon sales team.

Solution Focus

Oberon focuses soley on mounting and protecting access points and related equipment, thereby offering the best solutions for complicated, high-dollar Wi-Fi projects.


Oberon uses a textured powder coat on its Wi-Tile ceiling products to provide a texture similar to many ceiling tiles. Our competitors often use a glossy paint which may not match the ceiling very well. Oberon engages a professional industrial design firm to assist in designing products to suite architecturally or historically sensitive building construction styles.


Oberon’s product designers have decades of design experience in the wireless and cabling infrastructure space. Oberon has an RCDD on staff to support and train our channels on industry relevant standards and best practices. Oberon’s patented and patent pending products have revolutionized wireless infrastructure installation.

UL Listed

Oberon’s Wi-Tile™ and Envelop™ products are UL listed for use in plenum and above ceiling spaces. Most of our competitor’s products are not UL Listed.

National Electric Code

For the Wi-Tile™ and other ceiling mounted products, Oberon includes appropriate hanger wire and installation instructions for compliance with National Electric Code (NEC) installation in the ceiling. Oberon’s competitors do not provide hanger wire, and they actually promote installation in a non-code compliant manner. Installing ceiling enclosures in a non-code-compliant manned is a risk to the public and to fire-protection personnel. An inspector could have all non-code-compliant installations removed, creating liability for the installer, distributor, and manufacturer.

Code Compliance

For more information on code compliance, see Oberon’s app. Note at:


Made in USA

Almost all of Oberon’s products are fabricated and/or assembled in the U.S.A, including hard-to-find “made in the USA” antennas, which may be necessary for government applications. For TAA compliance, contact your Oberon representative.