Outdoor Wi-Fi

Meeting the Challenges of Expanding Wi-Fi Outdoors

November 19, 2020

Now more than ever, wireless installers face requirements for ubiquitous outdoor Wi-Fi coverage throughout corporate and college campuses, retail and hospitality environments, municipal areas such as parks and outdoor facilities, and just about any public space. Network designers and installers need to place Wi-Fi access points in diverse and often challenging locations.

While outdoor-rated access points and antennas are ruggedized for outdoor use, the challenge is to protect the installed equipment while concealing it or minimizing the aesthetic impact.

Oberon offers a number of products that are designed to help the network designer achieve the best solution in terms of network performance, maintenance and aesthetics.

Download the full article to learn more about these topics:

  • Social Distancing: Changing the Outdoor Wireless Landscape
  • Oberon’s NetPoint™ Wireless Bollards – Benefits to the Network Design and Signal Loss Data
  • Antenna and AP Concealment on Exterior Walls
  • Oberon’s Skybar™ NEMA 4 Water-Resistant Enclosures
  • Best Practices for Outdoor Network Design

Outdoor Wi-Fi