Oberon Model 1047-FPDOME

Model 1047-LPDOME and 1047-FPDOME Revision 2 to begin shipping September 2019

September 11, 2019

Oberon’s Model 1047 locking, 2 x 2 ft. (593 x 593 mm) suspended ceiling Wi-Tile™ enclosure mounts and secures Wi-Fi and Small Cell APs flush to the ceiling. This steel enclosure replaces a standard ceiling tile, and its larger back-box is suitable for larger APs and antennas. APs are mounted in the door, or inside the models with the ABS or frosted polycarbonate plastic dome. The interchangeable door simplifies AP and antenna moves, adds, and changes. Styles available for both standard flush grid and recessed grid ceilings (-T), and for both North American and European (metric) ceiling systems.

Model 1047-LPDOME and 1047-FPDOME Revision 1

The revision 1 product has an internal T-bar to which access points are mounted. The T-bar emulates a ceiling tile grid T-bar, and, while accommodating any vendor’s access point, is somewhat cumbersome to use.  Oberon’s customers have requested an easier way to attach and service access points from all vendors to the enclosure.

Model 1047-LPDOME and 1047-FPDOME Revision 2

Oberon engineers have designed an internal swing down bracket to mount access points. The enclosure door is opened, and a “plunger” is pulled to release the swing down bracket. In the down position the access point is readily attached/removed.  The swing down bracket has mounting features for Cisco, Aruba, Meraki and other popular APs.

The 1047-LPDOME revision 2 should facilitate and simplify access point installation for virtually all customers. If you would like to further review documentation,  please see the following

1047 Customer print

Model 1047 Installation Instructions

If you have other questions regarding the transition to Revision 2, please contact your Oberon Representative.