Oberon Integrates Wi-Fi Access Points Into any Location

July 11, 2019

Whether walking through the headquarters of a high-tech company or a university campus renowned for its centuries-old classic architecture, people possess certain expectations for the visual appeal of their environments. Holes poked in ceiling tiles to accommodate cables compromise the image of the high-tech powerhouse, and even a sleek network component can look out of place where no other signs of technology are present or desired.

The default method of mounting APs is to clip the AP to a ceiling grid or rail. In many venues, this method  is falling out of favor, as it lacks the finished look desired for that venue.  In most venues, the ceiling grid mounting is only an option where there is a suspended ceiling, and the reality is, there are a lot of different types of ceilings. Building owners, architects, and installers are looking for more options to mount access points, especially where there may not be a suspended ceiling to which the AP can be fastened.
Technology integrators are tasked with integrating Wi-Fi into many different venues, including those with the following environments:

•    Standard  suspended ceilings
•    Cloud or custom panel ceilings
•    Open ceilings
•    High or inaccessible ceilings
•    Hallways, lobbys, and other public areas
•    Warehouse and industrial areas
•    Large open areas such as auditoriums and entertainment venues
•    Outdoors

Each of these environments requires a different installation method. Oberon’s WiFi Access Point mounting products can help you integrate the Wi-Fi APs from all leading vendors into virtually any building construction type.

Oberon’s mounting solutions for Wi-Fi access points can bring the security, convenience, and compliance features to any environment,  while respecting the building design, and without compromising wireless performance. This article outlines a few of the features and options which – in conjunction with the Solution Finder on the Oberon website and our highly-trained staff, manufacturer’s representatives, and distribution partners – will help you determine the right mounting solution for your next wireless installation or upgrade.

Here are a few ways Oberon products enhance the look of your wireless network through thoughtful design:

Plenum rated 2’ x 2’ ceiling tile enclosures blend into most suspended ceilings and create a simple yet effective professional aesthetic. Locking enclosures from the Wi-Tile™ collection provide physical security, and the interchangeable AP Specific doors simplify AP moves, adds, and changes. Simplify compliance with ICRA procedures and HIPAA compliance in Healthcare environments. UL Listed. Locking enclosures are available for both suspended ceilings and hard ceiling.

The Envelop™ collection features recess mounts for panel, suspended, and hard ceilings and walls. Choose from interchangeable AP-specific trims, or conceal the AP entirely with a plastic cover.

Consider the 1019-RM, which recesses the AP into the wall and conceals it with a low-profile, paintable, snap-on cover. This visually demure yet physically rugged UL 94-5VB ABS plastic enclosure is virtually transparent to wireless signals so there is minimal impact on wireless coverage. The 1019 features slots for TIA 569-B compliant furniture faceplate RJ-45 modular jacks, to facilitate cable termination and management.

If you need to install APs on a wall or a hanging conduit, but would like to maintain the recommended horizontal orientation of the AP, Oberon’s H-Plane™ collection of open ceiling and right-angle wall mounts are for you. Mounts can often be placed above the main visual plane, and cables can be concealed inside the mounts for a professional look anywhere. Pair the mount with a paintable AP Vanity Cover for a truly custom look.

For securing APs in hard wall and ceiling areas, the Hi-Bar™ collection provides numerous locking surface mounting options. For example, the 1015 and 1015-RAB series can be mounted in multiple ways – directly on walls, hung from an open ceiling, or as a right-angle bracket (- RAB option). Available with opaque white or clear cover. The enclosures are paintable, allowing a perfect match with wall or trim colors.

Let’s head outdoors for a new set of aesthetic AP mounting solutions. The 1020 series are rugged ABS and polycarbonate NEMA4 plastic enclosures designed for surface mounting APs indoors or outdoors, and for under seating and riser installation in public venues. Antennas and cabling can be concealed and protected along with the AP. The Skybar series are paintable, and are designed to be less visually distracting than a standard industrial NEMA4 box.

The 3010 series Wi-Fi AP and antenna enclosures are designed for underseat installations in public venues. The 3010 series gives the wireless designer great flexibility in AP installation locations.

If you are not yet familiar with Oberon’s wireless bollards, we invite you to discover the innovative and aesthetic solution it provides for bringing wireless to parks, courtyards, parking lots and garages, and even temporary installations for events such as music festivals. The array of color options brings these solutions to the next level – blend them into your installation environment or have them stand out in bright, cheerful colors in a playground.


Vanity covers allow you to customize the appearance of popular APs. Vanity covers are paintable (without voiding the AP manufacturer’s warranty)  allowing you to partially conceal the AP with matching colors, or complement interior color schemes as desired. Vanity covers are formed from a low loss plastic.

Oberon Mounting Solutions Your Way

In discussion above, we have already considered a number of ways to blend Oberon mounting solutions into the environment:

•    AP-specific trims and doors customize the look of many Oberon’s AP mounting solutions
•    Solutions with clear or opaque domes or covers can either showcase or conceal APs
•    Options for mounting APs on walls, ceilings, hanging conduits, pole mounting, and more provide many possibilities
for unobtrusive placement
•    Select products with available color options
•    Paintable models blend the AP into surroundings, or to stand out
•    Paintable vanity covers conceal the AP and allow for a perfect match with any environment

These options work for the vast majority of installations. Every now and then, however, a truly specialized or architecturally sensitive environment requires a personalized solution. Oberon’s team of professional engineers work with clients seeking new or customized solutions for specific installations. In fact, many of our current solutions were created to meet specific customer needs.

How to Choose an Oberon AP Mounting Solution

  • Visit the Solution Finder on most pages at for an immediate selection of solutions based on your AP and specific environment. This is always a great starting point, and it only takes seconds to narrow the options to your needs.
  • Contact an Oberon manufacturer representative in your area. Our reps are highly trained in Oberon products and specialize by geographic region for superior service.
  • Consult your distributor contact. Oberon works directly with several major distributors, providing training and participating in partner programs to enhance distributor knowledge and service.
  • Contact the Oberon offices with questions or to discuss custom solutions for your next installation.