Oberon Wi-Tile™: DCS Awards 2020 Data Centre Physical Security Innovation of the Year

December 11, 2020

Thank you for voting Oberon Wi-Tile™ wireless LAN enclosures as Data Centre Physical Security Innovation of the Year in the 2020 DCS Awards! We invite you to view Oberon President Scott Thompson’s acceptance of the award in the below linked video.

DCS Awards 2020

More about Wi-Tile™

Wi-Tile™ wireless LAN and small cell access point (AP) steel enclosures provide the security networks need from the data centre to the Edge without compromising connectivity. This steel enclosure replaces a standard ceiling tile, and its larger back-box is suitable for larger APs and antennas.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires that network operators prevent unauthorised access to electronic communication networks. Locking doors protect the AP and secure the endpoint, simplifying compliance in fields such as healthcare, financial, retail, and government facilities where the physical security of the network is paramount.

In addition to requiring physical network security to protect mission-critical systems and data, Healthcare facilities utilise Wi-Tile enclosures to simplify infection control procedures. Lifting ceiling tiles can permit the passage of airborne infectious materials, which may require precautionary tenting of the area prior to maintaining the access point. Designed to replace a standard suspended ceiling tile, the Wi-Tile back-box serves as an effective dust barrier, permitting authorised access to the AP without opening the plenum space.

A wide variety of enclosure styles are available, and many styles include a large selection of interchangeable doors. AP-specific doors complement the most popular access points from Cisco, Aruba, and other vendors, while domed options are available to conceal the access point. APs are mounted in the door, or inside the models with the ABS or frosted polycarbonate plastic dome. Interchangeable doors offer significant cost benefits and convenience when changing the access points, as the new AP-specific door can be installed without removing the existing back-box.

As the final layer of physical security between the data centre and the Edge, Wi-Tile enclosures are highly visible. The Wi-Tile provides a professional look with a surface finish which matches most ceilings.

Styles are available for both North American and European (metric) ceiling systems (-600MM).

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