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In-Building Wireless Communication Systems
August 2, 2018
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Many enterprise networks comprise multiple wireless-communication technologies, including 802.11-based wireless LANs, service-provider-operated cellular coverage, and customer-owned systems that extend the service provider’s reach. Each type of wireless system has its own needs and requirements, from the physical-layer infrastructure that supports it to the physical security of assets and the assurance of successful signal transmission. This webcast seminar, produced by Cabling Installation & Maintenance, provides information on the deployment, support and management of wireless systems within enterprise environments.
Join us for this webcast sponsored by Corning Optical Communications, Greenlee Communications, and Oberon, Inc.

Bree Murphy photoMany schools, municipalities and corporations are moving to a campus-wide Wi-Fi everywhere model. For outdoor installations, access points are typically mounted on top of buildings, on the sides of buildings, or on light poles. For maintenance, code, and aesthetics reasons, mounting on buildings and light poles is becoming less acceptable. Wi-Fi bollards present ideal solutions for the wireless designer, outside plant manager, and architect.

A Wi-Fi bollard is a standalone facility which contains the access point, antennas, cabling, and associated powering and switching equipment. The bollard is designed to be installed precisely where the wireless coverage is required, is acceptable from an aesthetics standpoint, protects and secures the equipment, and is transparent to the wireless signal. In this presentation, attendees will learn about outdoor Wi-Fi installation options, aesthetics requirements, and cabling to and powering outdoor Wi-Fi equipment.

Conducted by Bree Murphy, RCDD. Ms Murphy is a 25-year industry veteran who engages audiences and provides for a lively, entertaining learning experience.

Originally presented on January 11, 2018 for Cabling Installation & Maintenance webcast "Outside Plant Cabling Systems" and later recorded as the below video:

This presentation focuses on emerging WiFi technology and standards. The IEEE 802.11ac Wireless network standard advances mobile networking to unprecedented capabilities. WiFi is ubiquitous in practically every vertical, and it more important than ever to plan for wireless in the cabling infrastructure.

Bree Murphy photoThis presentation is geared to the cabling, wireless and networking professional who needs an update on emerging standards and trends. The presentation will describe the advances of 802.11ac Wave 1 and Wave 2, the push for an “NBASE-T” standard for supporting greater than 1 Gig cabling to the WiFi access points, and Power over Ethernet to support this wireless technology. The presentation will also provide insight into how to physically install the WiFi APs for optimum performance, physical security, aesthetics, and code compliance in different verticals such as healthcare and public schools.
Conducted by Bree Murphy, RCDD. Ms Murphy is a 25-year industry veteran who engages audiences and provides for a lively, entertaining learning experience.

Presented at BICSI Northeast Regional July 12, 2016