Oberon's aesthetic new "one piece" solution makes it easy to recess-mount APs into hard-lid ceilings.


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Attaching WiFi AP to “hard-lid” ceiling

For optimum wireless coverage and capacity, WiFi access points are mounted in virtually every building location, including spaces with “hard–lid” ceilings (drywall, sheetrock, and gyp board ceilings). Typically, the access point (AP) vendor recommends that an AP mounting plate is fastened to the ceiling using suitable hardware, or the mounting plate is attached to a recessed electrical box in the ceiling. The AP’s data cable is then fished through a hole in the ceiling or into the electrical box, and the AP is attached to the mounting plate in a “surface mount” configuration. Due to the size of some enterprise APs and the depth of the mounting plate, the AP may hang several inches below the ceiling, which is often found to be unappealing or unacceptable from a visual standpoint. This type of installation looks “unfinished” or “unprofessional.”

 Typical hard lid access point install

Typical hard lid access point install

Oberon one piece recess ceiling mount solution

Oberon’s new Model 1041 series WiFi AP mounts are the simplest way to recess APs into hard-lid ceilings or walls for an aesthetic, professional installation. The 1041 series is a "one piece" solution. The AP is inserted into the mount, a cutout is made in the ceiling, and the AP/mount assembly is fastened to the ceiling. The AP is recessed into the ceiling much like a recessed light fixture.

The Model 1041-WA has a white ABS plastic dome, so most leading vendors' APs fit inside. Other styles of the 1041 are designed specifically for leading enterprise APs.

 Model 1041 WA shown installed

AP recess mounted in Oberon Model 1041-WA

Features & Benefits

  • Mount AP nearly flush to ceiling, optimizing wireless performance while minimizing visual impact
  • Economical one piece assembly installs in minutes
  • Installs like recessed lighting
  • Attractive powder-coated steel trim

Technical Specifications

  • Design: Economical, recessed hard ceiling or wall installation kit designed for APs with integrated antennas. Low-profile textured white plastic ABS dome provides a professional finish. For pre-existing drywall, sheetrock, and gypsum board walls or ceiling (remodeling or old construction). Designed for most vendors’ APs.
  • Performance: Designed to meet NEC300-22 and 300-23 for plenum installations. Economical, attractive, one piece assembly, installs quickly
  • ABS plastic dome is captured in recess mount and is virtually transparent to wireless signals
  • Swivel fasteners secure enclosure into pre-existing hard ceiling/wall panels ¾" thick or less
  • Construction: 20 ga. galvanized steel back-box, and white, powder-coated 20 ga. steel trim. UL94-5VA ABS plastic dome.
  • Size: Trim is 13.25 by 13.25 inches (337mm by 337mm). Back-box is 11 inches by 11 inches by 1.5 inches (280mm by 280mm by 38mm). ABS Plastic dome is 9 inches by 9 inches by 1.5 inches (230mm by 230 mm by 38mm)

Model 1041 WA ceiling cut away view showing swivel fasteners

Model 1041-WA ceiling cut away view showing swivel fasteners


Model Number Description
1041-CCOAP Recessed ceiling AP installation kit, designed for Cisco 2600/2700/ 3500/3600/3700 series APs
1041-CCOAP3800 Recessed ceiling AP installation kit, designed for Cisco 2800/3800 series APs
1041-WA Recessed ceiling AP installation kit, white ABS plastic dome, for most vendor’s APs, including Aruba

Model 1041 WA shown with Cisco 3800 series AP

Model 1041-WA shown with Cisco 3800 series AP

Model 1041 WA shown with Aruba 320 series AP

Model 1041-WA shown with Aruba 320 series AP