We've made it easier than ever to find and install Oberon enclosures and mounts with your choice of wi-fi access points.

  • Popular Wi-Fi Access Point mounting solutions named and organized by functionality:
  • Wi-Tile: Suspended and hard ceiling locking enclosures
  • Envelop: Panel, suspended and hard ceiling recess mounts
  • H-Plane: Open ceiling and right angle wall mounts
  • Hi-Bar: Wall and hard ceiling surface mounts
  • Skybar: Outdoor and public venue access point enclosures
  • NetPost and NetPoint: Wi-Fi bollards for access points and antennas
  • New retrofit doors and trims for the latest AP models
  • AP Vanity Covers and mounting accessories
  • A new access point mounting solution finder
  • The new solution finder provides greater assistance in finding your desired solution. All you need to know is the access point vendor and model you are using, and the type of installation required. The solution finder will help you find the best Oberon solution. Even if you don’t know the type of installation, the solution finder can help you find a range of solutions.
  • Greater mobile device functionality