Which Oberon enclosures should be used with Cisco DART connectors?


Cisco DART Connector 01Cisco’s Smart antenna connector “DART” and DART to RP-TNC adapter


Cisco DART Connector 02

For APs using the DART Connector, we recommend Oberon’s NEMA 3R Skybar™ Indoor or Outdoor enclosures, Model 1026 Series. The Model 1026 Series enclosures are available in a wide variety of size options from 10" to 24", suitable for nearly any application.


Model 1026 Features

  • Protect internal or external antennas from all vendors in challenging indoor/outdoor environments
  • Protects the AP from falling water, dust, and impacts
  • Transparent to wireless signalsH
  • Secure APs with molded-in padlock hasps for locking
  • Paintable


Oberon Model 1026-242410-00


24 in. NEMA 4 Plastic Wi-Fi Access Point Enclosure with Hinged Opaque Door

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