Today at Cisco Live, Cisco’s annual IT and communications conference, Oberon, Inc. announced the new Model 1013-COVER, the latest in the company’s line of wall-mounted access point mounting solutions.

STATE COLLEGE, PA, June 11, 2015 –

Securing wireless access points in large spaces can be a challenge for network designers.  Oberon’s new Model 1013-COVER provides an innovative solution.  Large spaces such as auditoriums, conference rooms, and stadiums often require network designers to abandon ceiling installations and develop a wireless infrastructure around walls and pillars. Security, precise positioning of equipment, and aesthetics become a challenge in such settings.

Oberon’s new Model 1013-COVER expands its popular line of wall-mounted solutions for securing wireless access points, with a twist. The 1013-COVER is an articulating AP and antenna mount for most manufacturers’ APs and directive (or patch) antennas. The mount can be swiveled on two axes to provide the desired down-tilt and azimuth coverage of the directive antenna.

The 1013-COVER is attached to the pillar or wall, and AP and antenna are attached to the articulating mount. The 1013-COVER with the directive antenna can be used to create zones of coverage within stadiums, high-density auditoriums, and classrooms.  

The Model 1013-COVER is designed to house a variety of wide access point styles, including Cisco 1260e, 1600e, 2600e, 2700e, 3500e, 3600e, 3700e, and 3700p wireless access points.  Oberon is a member of the Cisco Solutions Partner Program.

For more information regarding Oberon's mounting solutions for wireless access points, please call 1-877-867-2312 or visit  The company's website includes an Enclosure Finder for the enclosures offered for specific wireless access points.

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Oberon Model 1013-COVER


Dual-Axis Articulating Wi-Fi Access Point & Antenna Wall Mount with White Vanity Cover

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