Oberon, Inc., a leading provider of networking enclosure equipment, has announced the updated Model 1064-00 and 1064-T for use with Cisco's new 3500 series 802.11n wireless access points. Cisco's new 3500 series access points offer the most advanced capability for mission critical wireless networks. The 3500 series is based on the popular Cisco 1140 series access point's physical form-factor, greatly enhanced with Cisco Clean Air software and silicon technology. Oberon's model 1064-00 and 1064-T ceiling mounts have been updated to accommodate both the Cisco 1140 and, now, the Cisco 3500i access point.
The model 1064-00 or 1064-T is suspended from the ceiling's structural system. The mount looks like a standard 2' x 2' ceiling tile. The access point is inserted into the opening and locked in place using Oberon's patent pending locking mechanism. The installation is very clean and professional looking. Wireless coverage is ideal from the ceiling mounted position. Please visit the product installation video on the Oberon you tube channel by clicking here.
Most of Oberon's ceiling and wall mounting solutions will be updated to accommodate the new Cisco 3500i, 3500e, and 1260 wireless access points by June 1, 2010. Please contact your Oberon customer service representative for availability of mounting solutions for new Cisco products.
Founded in 1999, Oberon is a leading designer of in-building wireless voice and data network infrastructure products.