The newest addition to Oberon, Inc.'s wireless and telecommunications enclosure line is the rugged new Model 1025-00. The wireless LAN access point enclosure features a fiberglass NEMA 4 construction ideal for use outside and in challenging environments.
The Model 1025-00 is comprised of 30% fiberglass reinforced polyester and is virtually transparent to radio frequency signals, making the enclosure ideal for wireless access points with non-detachable antennas. Two holes in the bottom of the enclosure accommodate data and power cables. With proper sealing, the Model 1025-00 is NEMA-4 rated for outdoor use. Featuring a light gray finish, the enclosure provides a secure, convenient, and aesthetic way to protect network investments.
The enclosure includes a weather-resistant lock, interior mounting plate, neoprene door seal, and exterior mounting tabs for wall mounting. The Model 1025-00 is UL-listed and tested to UL508-4X requirements.
Oberon, Inc. wireless LAN access point and telecommunications enclosures provide an additional layer of network security, covering the access point with a locked door panel which swings open for easy keyed access by authorized network technicians. Used in a wide variety of settings including office buildings, hospitals, conference centers, hotels, and educational institutions, Oberon's ceiling- and wall-mounted enclosures blend into any building design.
Founded in 1999, Oberon is a leading designer of in-building wireless voice and data network infrastructure products.