Oberon, Inc. has announced publication of complete CSI 3-part architectural specs, CAD details, and BIM objects for the Oberon product line. These tools will assist architects and engineers in planning the placement of networking equipment within building designs.
ARCAT, a major publisher of building product information, has created and listed the AutoDesk® Revit® BIM objects for Oberon here. BIM objects allow engineers and architects to import models into design programs. Embedded links to product specifications mean the amount of time spent in product research and data entry is significantly reduced and the process is made more convenient.
Scott D. Thompson, President and Co-Founder of Oberon, Inc. and Oberon's Engineering Director, stated that the decision to partner with ARCAT was the next step in the company's mission to make the network design process more convenient for Oberon customers.
"Providing CSI 3-part architectural specs, CAD details, and BIM objects is one of the best ways to save our customers research time and make it easy to spec in the right product with easy access to product data," Thompson explained. "The high-quality, information-rich packaging used by ARCAT makes it even easier for building and design professionals to visualize and improve designs, ensure the right products are selected, simplify project scheduling, and see how certain products such as our telecommunications enclosures can simplify future network growth within the same physical spaces."