As companies make greater use of home teleworkers and mobile contractors, new products and organizational tools are needed to ensure maximum productivity and connectivity. Recent announcements by Cisco® ® introducing the Aironet® 600 Series OfficeExtend Access Point will change the way people work from external offices. The new access points incorporate secure tunnels to the corporate network, allowing users to utilize the network's data, voice, video, cloud, and other corporate applications while maintaining personal connections for home use.
The Oberon Home and Office Network Cabinet provides the flexibility to add multiple components. At 22" x 22" x 4" deep with adjustable shelves, hook-and-look strips, and tie-downs for wiring, the steel-backed enclosure can handle a multitude of configurations for organizing routers, broadband modems, wireless routers, small network switches, power strips, network storage, external hard drives, and other components. The network cabinet surface mounts to the wall in minutes.
Oberon's Wireless Router Box is ideal for organizing smaller wireless routers and broadband modems. This 14" x 9" x 4" deep box can be flush-mounted by cutting an opening in the wall or ceiling and attaching to studs, or it can be surface-mounted using appropriate wall anchors. The WR-BOX includes two universal electronics brackets with hook and loop straps for mounting a wireless router and a broadband modem or other components.
Both enclosures were designed to meet the needs of teleworkers, home users, small business offices, and smaller office settings within larger buildings when combined with Oberon's corporate enclosure lines for full-building wiring. Secure, convenient, and aesthetic, Oberon's easy-to-install home and office enclosures provide proper storage and safety for a variety of networking components.
ABOUT OBERON, INC. - Since 1999, Oberon, Inc. has been providing products and services to integrators and end users of wireless LAN "Wi-Fi" network products. Oberon's wireless enclosures and antenna products are used where the RF coverage, infrastructure security, environmental robustness, and aesthetics are paramount in the network design and implementation. Oberon offers ceiling-mounted telecommunications enclosures for Ethernet switches, patch panels, wireless controllers, and other networking and A/V components - ideal for structured cabling and Fiber-to-the-Enclosure (FTTE) deployments.
Oberon's products and services have helped thousands of integrators and end-users in the global healthcare, government, transportation and logistics, education, retail, hospitality, and manufacturing achieve reliable indoor network connection mobility.