Oberon, Inc. has announced a new distribution agreement with JenneTM Distributors, Inc. Headquartered in Avon, Ohio, Jenne is a leading value-added distributor of business telephony, data, audio and video conferencing, and security technology products, including equipment and software for the SMB and Enterprise markets. More than 150 major manufacturers partner with Jenne including Avaya, Panasonic, Extreme Networks, ADTRAN, Lifesize, ClearOne, Plantronics, GN Netcom, Aastra, ICC, Valcom, Verint, and now Oberon, Inc.
Oberon, Inc. has been manufacturing enclosures and mounting solutions for wireless LAN access points from major manufacturers since 1999. A Registered Cisco Developer, Aruba Networks Certified, and an Extreme Networks Go Purple Solutions Partner, Oberon is committed to meeting the specific needs of wireless networking customers. In addition to thorough compatibility testing enclosures for a wide array of wireless equipment, the company has designed enclosures to simplify the rigorous infection control procedures of the healthcare sector and provide the physical security vital to government, education, retail, and banking environments.
A wide variety of Oberon models are available for mounting access points and other networking components in both suspended and hard-lid ceilings, on walls, and in outdoor/NEMA environments. Locking doors provide physical security for access points and the ability to perform moves, adds, and changes without working above the ceiling. The aesthetic of Oberon enclosures has proven popular with design teams and technicians alike.
Telecommunications enclosures for networking components are also offered for both office and home environments. Ethernet switches and other equipment can be mounted directly in the ceiling in the space where they are needed, Bringing Bandwidth Closer to the UserTM and simplifying future network growth by providing a local connection from which future access points can be added. The new Model 1082-00 home and office cabinet allows placement of switches, access points, external drives, and other networking or computer equipment in an aesthetic wall cabinet, helping users to protect equipment and reclaim desk space.