New Agreement Enhances Integration of Extreme Networks Wireless Solutions with Oberon Enclosures and Mounting Solutions for Wireless and Telecommunications Enclosures

Oberon, Inc. has joined Extreme Networks as a Go PurpleTM Solutions Partner. Oberon offers joint solutions for easy integration of Extreme Networks wireless solutions with the Oberon enclosures and mounting solutions. By specifically addressing the needs of Extreme Networks users, Oberon helps users achieve their over-arching, segment-specific requirements for physical security, environmental protection, code and standards compliance, and aesthetics.
While all wireless networks benefit from the security, convenience, and aesthetics, many industries have specific needs that must be addressed in designing and implementing a wireless network installation or wireless access point moves, adds, and changes.
In hospital environments where infection risk mitigation is paramount, Oberon enclosures provide access to wireless LAN access points and telecom equipment without entering the air handling space. By removing the need to perform maintenance above the ceiling, Oberon enclosures greatly simplify compliance with ICRA guidelines as established by the Joint Commission on Hospital Accreditation (JCAHO).
In government, retail, education, and banking settings, the physical security of wireless access points is vital. Oberon enclosures are attached to the ceiling structure and accessed with a key, simplifying compliance with regulations such as those set for the retail industry by the PCI Security Standards Council.
In addition to providing added safety, convenience, and the security of a locked door, Oberon enclosures also help installations meet the National Electric Code (N.E.C.) article 300.22 requirements for installing equipment above a suspended ceiling.
Go PurpleTM Partners, together with Extreme Networks, provide the solutions demanded by today's dynamic enterprise and service provider customers. As a result, the program gives customers access to innovative, truly integrated best-of-breed solutions that deliver superior performance at a Total Cost of Ownership advantage.