When Oberon, Inc. introduced the Model 1070 Mounted Zone Telecommunications Enclosure in October of 2009, the idea intrigued the networking community.


By locating Ethernet switches, patch panels, wireless controllers, and other networking and A/V components directly in the space where they are needed, the enclosures can be used to shorten home-runs, improve data rate and network capacity, and reduce crowding in the telecommunications room.
Cisco recently introduced two compact versions of the Cisco Catalyst 3560-X Series and 2960-S series to make local placement of network equipment simpler and more convenient. Cisco has stated that the new Cisco Catalyst 3560-C and Catalyst 2960-C Compact Series Switches offer "the same functionality, OS, and management capabilities as their wiring-closet brethren." Designed to deliver network connectivity outside the wiring closet, the C-Series switches are themselves powered by Power over Ethernet (PoE), allowing the switches to be used up to 100 meters from the wiring closet and in spaces where there is no access to power outlets.
Of course, moving the switches out of the wiring closet imposes a new set of considerations for protecting the equipment. Oberon's new model 1082-00 wall mounted network cabinet, and new model 1072-00 suspended ceiling telecommunications enclosure are ideal for securing these new switches in the workspace. The 1082-00 is a 22" x 22" x 4" deep network cabinet which can be quickly surface mounted on the wall. The 1082-00 is deep enough for 2U of 19" rack mountable components, (mounted vertically in the cabinet), including Cisco C series switches, patch panels, and other standalone network components. The 1082-00 has a plastic door so wireless routers and access points can also be secured inside.
The new model 1072-00 is a low profile ceiling tile-like enclosure which mounts into the 2' x 2' ceiling tile gridwork. The 1072-00 is only 4" deep, yet is deep enough for 2U of 19" rack mountable equipment. Designed to TIA standards for telecommunications enclosures, the 1072-00 has numerous mounting features for active (line powered) networking equipment, PoE powered equipment such as the C series switches, Wi-Fi access points, and Distributed Antenna System (DAS) components. There are mounting features on the door for Wi-Fi and Cellular broadband antennas.
The 1082-00 and 1072-00 are constructed with locking doors and means to protect attached cabling from tempering, so they are perfect for protecting equipment in remote offices, retail spaces, professional offices, healthcare, classrooms, and other venues where wiring closet space is at a premium.
Oberon is a member of the Cisco Registered Developer Network. For more information on secure, convenient, and aesthetic telecommunications and wireless access point enclosures for suspended ceiling and wall-mounted systems.