New Model 1066 Suspended Ceiling Enclosure Offers Physical Security, Aesthetic Appearance.


Among the new products announced by Oberon, Inc. this fall is a new ceiling mounting solution for securing Aruba Networks AP-135 Series Wireless Access Points. The AP-135 Series is designed for extremely high-density Wi-Fi environments. The AP-135 access point features two internal 3x3 MIMO dual-band 2.4-GHz/5-GHz radios, and the official Aruba Networks, states that the AP-135 offers "50% more throughput and supports 50% more mobile devices in high-density environments compared to previous-generation APs."
The new Oberon Model 1066, available for pre-order today, is designed to provide a secure, convenient, and aesthetic mounting solution for the Aruba Networks AP-135 series 802.11n access points. Designed to meet NEC300-22 and 300-23 for plenum installations, the 2' x 2' x 2.25" deep mount is OSHPD-approved (OPA #1638). The 6 lb. enclosure is shipped with hanger wires, 1.75" trade size conduit connector for data/power cable, a security hasp to secure mount to the ceiling system or other permanent fixture, and mounting instructions.
The enclosure attaches directly to the building's ceiling structural system and features a patent-pending locking mechanism, simplifying compliance with government and PCI requirements concerning physical security of networking equipment.
The access point can be accessed from below for easy moves, adds, and changes. In healthcare environments, where infection control precautions are needed when working above the ceiling, the ability to maintain and secure the AP below the plenum space can provide significant time savings.
Aesthetically, the enclosure follows Oberon's trademark sleek, sophisticated look. The white powder-coated steel enclosure fits standard 2' x 2' ceiling tile arrangements with no need to cut ceiling tiles. For "tegular" ceiling tiles (or recessed grid ceilings) commonly used in new construction and renovations, the Model 1066-T shows attention to detail with a matching 3/8" bevel in the flange around the perimeter.