Enclosures Provide Secure, Convenient, Aesthetic Housing for Wireless Access Points.


Cisco's new 3600 series wireless access points promise to provide unprecedented performance as the first commercially available 4X4 MIMO access points. Oberon, a leading designer of wireless LAN access point enclosures and mounting solutions, has verified that the Cisco 3600 series access points are mechanically interchangeable with Cisco 1140, 1260, and 3500 series APs within Oberon's line of enclosures and mounting solutions.

Scott Thompson, the president and director of engineering at Oberon, stated, "The Cisco 3600 series access point offers significant performance enhancement, using a very similar mechanical form-factor to existing Cisco APs. This is by design on the part of Cisco, and simplifies migration to the newest technology from a mechanical mounting standpoint. As such, the new 3600 series access point fits seamlessly into existing Oberon products designed for Cisco access points."

Oberon currently offers enclosure models ideal for securely housing the Cisco Aironet 3600 Series AP, providing physical protection and superior aesthetics. The Model 1064 and Model 1052, two of the company's most popular ceiling-mounted products, are designed to replace standard 2' x 2' ceiling tiles in an acoustical, drop ceiling environment.

The ceiling enclosure is a convenient and secure method of mounting the access point. The access point can be accessed without disturbing the air handling space, and antennas can be mounted on the door of the enclosure to provide ideal radiation patterns. Access point location remains readily identifiable, and service and maintenance is facilitated. The ceiling enclosures are designed to satisfy National Electric Code paragraphs 300-22 and 300-23 for installations in the air handling space (sometimes called the "plenum" space). Most of Oberon's ceiling enclosures are UL50 Listed and carry an OPA number.

Compliance with retail, government, and healthcare guidelines can be simplified through the use of wireless access point enclosures. Physical security requirements are met through the use of strong materials, attachment of the back-box to the ceiling structure, and locking enclosure doors. Where infection control is a major consideration, the ability to complete moves, adds, and changes from within the back-box by opening a door panel, completely avoiding disruption of the air-handling space can simplify the process tremendously.

Oberon is the only Registered Partner manufacturer of wireless access point enclosures in the Cisco Developer Network (CDB) Program. This means that Cisco engineering has tested the Oberon product for compatibility with Cisco's wireless access points.