Oberon, Inc. has announced a new, free Android app available for download on Google Play. DOT11 Mobile™ is designed to permit fast, real-time assessment and graphing of a device's RF connectivity.


A company's Admin or a home user can use DOT11 Mobile™ to perform a simplified Site Survey of a WiFi network to help determine coverage issues. Additionally, DOT11 Mobile™ monitors a device's cell signal strength to help determine if cell repeaters or femtocells are required for a given environment.

DOT11 Mobile™ provides an overview of the device's RF connectivity status along with the graph plotting the signal strengths over time. Options are available to manipulate the graph's polling interval and signal strength thresholds. Background polling of these metrics can be stored in the internal database for graphing and can be exported to a XML file on the device's SD card.

The new DOT11 Mobile™ Android app is available free on Google Play here.

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