A wide variety of secure, convenient, aesthetic mounting solutions are available for use with Cisco's recently announced wireless access points.


Oberon, Inc., a leading designer and manufacturer of secure wireless and telecom enclosure, has released a statement regarding compatibility of enclosures with the recently announced Cisco Aironet 3700 Series.

"The Cisco Aironet 3700 has the same footprint as the Aironet 3500 and 3600 wireless access points, so Oberon customers using these products can easily upgrade and secure the Aironet 3700 AP in existing Oberon enclosures," confirmed Oberon CEO Scott D. Thompson. "For those looking to install new enclosures, we provide a list of recommended enclosures through the Enclosure Finder at"

Among the enclosures recommended for secure mounting of the Cisco Aironet 3700 is the Model 1052-CCOAP. This wireless LAN access point enclosure is a UL listed, locking 2’ x 2’ ceiling tile enclosure suitable for installation in air-handling spaces. The keyed door provides security while allowing authorized technicians easy access for maintenance.

The Model 1052-CCOAP, designed specifically to conveniently mount and secure popular Cisco access points, is based on Oberon’s popular 1052-00 universal wireless access point enclosure. The 1052 series is customizable for a variety of access point form factors though the use of specialized doors. The enclosures are available with the door of choice at time of purchase, or can be acquired later as retrofit doors by existing customers wishing to change access point types.

For more information regarding Oberon's mounting solutions for Cisco products, please call 1-877-867-2312 or visit The company's website includes an Enclosure Finder for the enclosures offered for specific wireless access points.