Sealed against water and dust intrusion, the Model 1058-08 is designed to NEMA 4 standards.


When wireless, DAS, and other networking gear is critical to public safety, Oberon's new Model 1058-08 protects essential wireless infrastructure. The enclosure provides additional protection in a convenient and aesthetic mounting solution. This new enclosure bridges the space between two of the company's most popular product lines, their suspended ceiling and wall enclosures for wireless access points and NEMA-rated enclosures.

The Model 1058-08 is a suspended ceiling enclosure designed to protect wireless access points, DAS remote units, and public safety equipment with detachable antennas. This aesthetic, white powder-coated water and dust-proof steel enclosure has knockouts in the hinged door for ceiling-mounted antennas or watertight bulkhead connectors for antennas. The watertight enclosure is designed to withstand high pressure spray and washdown.

The Model 1058-08 is deep enough to accommodate the Cisco 3600/3700 Aironet Series and other large wireless access points and DAS remote access units with external connectors and up to five antennas.

For more information regarding Oberon's line of wireless and telecom enclosures, please call 1-877-867-2312 or visit The website includes an Enclosure Finder for viewing the mounting solutions recommended for specific wireless access points, DAS remote units, or multimedia gateways.