The Model 1074-04 provides a plenum-rated solution to mounting telecommunications equipment where it is most needed.


The increasing popularity of Fiber To The Enclosure (FTTE) structured cabling design and plug-n-play network components require mounting solutions that combine flexibility with security. Oberon's latest addition to its line of telecommunications enclosures provides both, offering a mounting solution suitable for a variety of equipment, physically secure yet easy accessible to authorized technicians. Convenient installation and maintenance is especially important in FTTE installations where equipment is often located in high-traffic areas.

The Model 1074-04 is a locking, 2’ x 2’ suspended ceiling, plenum-rated, general-purpose zone enclosure. It is designed as a consolidation point for securing pre-terminated “plug-n-play” copper and fiber optic cable terminations and splitters in a Fiber To The Enclosure (FTTE) structured cabling design. It can also be used to secure active equipment including Optical Network Terminals (ONTs), small workgroup switches, wireless access points, and DAS remote access units (RAUs).

The 1074 is the only plenum rated enclosure which has fire-stopped openings large enough for the multi-fiber array modules and multi-copper connector modules used in pre-terminated solutions. The aesthetic, white powder-coated aluminum enclosure comes with 2U (Model 1074-04) or 4U (Model 1074-06) rack mounting brackets.

For more information regarding Oberon's line of wireless and telecom enclosures, please call 1-877-867-2312 or visit The website includes an Enclosure Finder for viewing the mounting solutions recommended for specific wireless access points, DAS remote units, or multimedia gateways.