The new Model 1016 stores a variety of wireless networking components in an aesthetic, RF-transparent, wall-mountable enclosure.

 State College, PA - August 5, 2014 -

Organizing and securing network components can be complicated by the wide range of equipment involved and the need to consider the passage of wireless signals in both selection and placement of the storage unit. Oberon's latest wall-mounted enclosure addresses these needs, with ample space and an RF-transparent polycarbonate cover which is virtually transparent to wireless signals.

The Model 1016 is an 18" x 12" cabinet featuring an aesthetic polycarbonate back box with an adjustable shelf for components and wire tie- downs to manage the data and power wiring. At 5" deep, the enclosure is slim enough to be mounted just about anywhere in the office or at home, yet deep enough to hold a variety of network components such as a broadband modem, wireless router, small network switch, power strip, network storage, or other components. The locking wall enclosure allows network components to be secured away from signal-blocking furniture, dusty shelves, and unauthorized personnel. The unit can be placed horizontally or vertically for additional flexibility.

By replacing visual clutter and masses of wires with a sleek designer cabinet, the enclosure provides a professional image in an office environment. The cover is available in white (1016-00) or translucent frost (1016-C).

Oberon Model 1016-00


18 in. Hi-Bar™ Plastic Wi-Fi Access Point Lock Box with Opaque Door

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